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April 12, 2017

Empower the Youth

My first teaching experience took place in Nepal over three years ago, I enrolled in a program which gave me the opportunity to volunteer at a Buddhist Monastery School in the beautiful mountains and lakeside hills of Pokhara, Nepal.

It was the first day of classes and all the boys were running around full of energy as it was an all boy’s school, they were full of giggles as they were quite happy to have a female teacher on campus. I can still till this day hear the echo’s of their laughter as it is one of my favorite memories to reminisce.
I remember walking around and stopping by one of the boys as he caught my attention. He was spinning around in circles but he was balancing something on his finger. As I looked closer I couldn’t believe my eyes, he was balancing a dragonfly on the tip of his finger while spinning around. The connectivity I felt during that moment of this child and this insect would be a feeling I knew I would never forget.

A month I spent with these beautiful children, as I thought I would be helping them with their lives and language. Till this day they helped me more than I ever could of thought would be possible. The innocence and connectivity these children had just by living in nature, with no electronics, no fearful images on TV, it made them more connected with this life, this earth and this universe.
I knew from then on that I wanted to teach and work with the youth. I am more than happy to say that over the past two years I’ve had so many amazing opportunities of teaching so many different types of international students from all over the world.

As an English teacher, I really do not teach do for the love of the English language as many do. I really love teaching for the connectivity and passion the students have when I look into their eyes and ask them “Well, what do you think? Asking them a question and asking for their opinion, gives them the ability to develop critical thinking skills.
Our energy will always introduce us before we even speak. Language can only take us so far. It is the critical thinking skills, passion and desires that they have within them that will take them to wherever they want to go.

We must remember that “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” In many school systems today, children are taught to be submissive and to sit in a desk all day, listening, not asking any questions or being allowed to have any thoughts of their own.
For me I don’t agree with this system, a child needs to be taught how to think for themselves, how our opinion is truly valuable. How we need to do our own research on things and events going on around the world that truly lights a fire within our souls.



At Lunamar for the Planet we focus on empowering the youth because the youth is our future. If we don’t make them realize how important it is to reduce and to re-use, and to take better care of our planet now, then there will be no future for them to have. Our oceans will continue to fill up with plastic and debris. Forests will be continued to be cut down, killing thousands upon thousands of wildlife that will continue to cause destruction and harm to our own eco system.

I am able to be reminded of the innocence and pureness of a child’s heart while teaching them how to keep it within them. Which in return reminds me of how to keep mine in times of change when I need it the most.

May you all feel a little more inspired, a little more loved, and filled with more beauty, as I hope this Soulfood has touched your soul as it has done with mine.

Love and Light.

Until Next Time Tribeners,


By Kaitlyn O'Connor



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