Colombia, South America


The Natural Balance:

Is directed by Carlos Delgado Morales, a farmer who has dedicated his life to building and repairing the sustainable local eco-system in him native home village of Bonafont, Caldas, Colombia. Bonafont is a village which belongs to the municipality of Riosucio in the western department of Caldas. It is situated right in the coffee and sugar cane growing axis of Colombia producing one of Colombia’s biggest exports. As such it is an area naturally filled with lush green mountains which have over time been turned into coffee and sugar cane farms, most often with use of harsh chemicals and clearing of forest, thus diminishing greatly the natural balance of the eco-system in the area. With the time Carlos has become recognised thanks to his amazing work through sustainable farming practices.
Some of his highlights has been the presentation on natural seeds vs. GMO seeds at the University of Caldas at the first Forum for the Environment, as well as sharing of his reforestation efforts at the Forum for the Environment 2015 at the Polytechnic Institute of Medellin. He is a member of Minister of Environment Civil Society Environmental Protection since 2010.
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Main programs of focus are: