"We are the drifters & dancers, sun worshippers & risk takers. The dreamers, the lovers, believers and CHANGE makers."

S.C Lourie

We are the #LunamarTribe


Meet The Adventure Goddess Ambassador

Annelie Pompe from Sweden

She is an audaciously bold woman who´s a professional adventurer. She works as a guide, motivational speaker, coach, author and photographer. Amongst her achievements is a world record freedive to 126m, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Everest from the north side and climbing 7 summits. She believes adventures happen on the inside as much as it does outside. It's more about attitude than adrenaline. (
I believe it's disrepectful not to live life. I love all forms of life and I beleive in appreciating it by enjoying it, experiencing it, being happy and sharing happiness with others. Rather than being safe in front of a television or a computer, I cherish life. Remember that life is not waiting for you, you have to live it immediately


Meet The Soulful Yogi Ambassador

Candice Teresa from Hawaii

She´s a magical woman who's an active yoga instructor in the breathtaking island of Hawaii. She is very passionate about holistic health, organic farming and taking excellent care of the earth, she believes yoga and meditation help her stay grounded, strong (both physically and mentally) and deeply connected to her soul purpose. Her own healing and desire to change the world has inspired her to help others heal and transform their own lives through yoga. (
In order to heal the planet, we must heal ourselves. The study and practice of yoga is a brilliant place to start. Through turning our attention inward and breathing deeply we begin a profound process of discovery; as we learn to LISTEN to the messages our bodies are sending us we are able to heal our bodies, free our minds and nourish our spirits. From this place we begin to OVERFLOW to others and the world around us, naturally and effortlessly. But the process starts within.


Meet The Wellness Warrior Ambassador

Nadia Cairns from Australia

She´s an inspirational woman who's a certified holistic coach and a raw/vegan food blogger. She recovered herself from health issues in a beautiful and conscious way giving her the drive to create her amazing blog called RAW FOR THE SOUL. The page is dedicated to inspiring and most importantly educating people on the benefits of healthy living for the mind, body, soul. (
It is my absolute passion in life to continue to share my knowledge in both health and healing.


Meet The Conscious Mermaid Ambassador

Camila Jaber from Mexico

Meet Camila from Mexico . She´s an aware real life mermaid who is a freediving national record holder, an avid conservationist and a student of Sustainable Development Engineering. She dedicates great part of her time to volunteering with kids around Mexico, and has adopted a plant based diet as it is the most immediate way to reduce her carbon footprint. Her inmense love and passion for the big blue inspired her to create her own school called Escuela de Sirenas which translates to School of Mermaids. If you are interested in sponsoring a conscious athlete don't be shy as she is actively looking for partners to support her through her future competitions. ( )
Freediving creates awareness of the environment and makes you realize that the ocean is a fragile ecosystem, and we have to take care of it. For this reason, I am studying Sustainable Development Engineering.


Meet The Conservationist Girlboss Ambassador

Jillian Morris from USA

She´s a real kick-ass woman who´s a passionate shark conservationist and founder of an amazing educational program called Sharks4Kids. She is also a marine biologist, scuba diving instructor, explorer, professional videographer, educator, write and photographer. She has grasped every opportunity possible to wrap her life in and around the ocean and believes that it runs through her veins. Sharks have been her primary focus, consuming most of her time and energy. In Nov. 2013 she launched Sharks4Kids to bring shark education into classrooms around the world. (
My goal for my work is, to get as many people in the water with sharks as possible. This is the most powerful tool in changing the monster perception that society has of these animals. Looking into the eye of a 15 ft tiger shark will change your life. I hope that my imagery and writing touch people in a way that makes them excited for these animals and anxious to have their own up- close encounter.